HK BFD 14 tundi tagasi
I bet £15,000 on Jake Paul even though I want Ben Askren to win
BGBG bgbg
BGBG bgbg 14 tundi tagasi
what about adam perkins?
C 14 tundi tagasi
I put 7k on askren
C 14 tundi tagasi
I put 7k on Jake
MoneyLoverKrabs 14 tundi tagasi
1k on Jake Paul WITH YOUR CODE!
BlueSpikedPine 14 tundi tagasi
I am betting 900 on Ben and I am using code keem. If I win it goes to charity.
Woah Ramses
Woah Ramses 14 tundi tagasi
Trisha sounds like a fucking Charlie Stan when they get that Charlie isn’t a “queen”
HumpGod 14 tundi tagasi
honestly, jake doesn’t have any of my respect but i believe he will win, bro Ben didn’t even look in shape when they were weighing each other, man looked bloated or sum shit
KMG 14 tundi tagasi
No one gonna say anything on how trisha looks like addison but in the future? 0:35
Lovin Cheeseball
Lovin Cheeseball 14 tundi tagasi
Only 17 cant gamble but jake paul is winning in round 4
Gunnler 14 tundi tagasi
I used the free $50 and put it on Askren 🍿
Nick C
Nick C 14 tundi tagasi
I actually think Jake is going to win. I think Ben is a great fighter but I don't think he took this serious enough. He is just doing it for the money, but we will see. I dont think he has the power he needs to win. Just my thoughts.
Eazifyy 14 tundi tagasi
What if Ben Askren can actually box super good but won’t show it so Jake can’t see his full potential?
Madison Croft
Madison Croft 15 tundi tagasi
Woo Imma skip right to Jenna! (Not really I’m gonna watch the entire video😂)
Im Frosty
Im Frosty 15 tundi tagasi
Betting on Jake 400€
DMN psyche
DMN psyche 15 tundi tagasi
Jake Paul is gonna win obviously
Alex Ibrahim
Alex Ibrahim 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 1000 on Jake Paul and I’m 16
Dareal_Cb 15 tundi tagasi
Ben askren
Alex 15 tundi tagasi
Trisha will do anything for more clout
AzureAngel 15 tundi tagasi
$550 on Jake
Mia Hernandez
Mia Hernandez 15 tundi tagasi
jake paul will prob win igggg
Oscar The Gamer
Oscar The Gamer 15 tundi tagasi
I think jake will win
Rijon Dushanova
Rijon Dushanova 15 tundi tagasi
£35,000 on Jake
PINK WHALE 15 tundi tagasi
Families sucker for money
Fletxh 15 tundi tagasi
Fuck jeff star didn't die
Gavin Swanander
Gavin Swanander 15 tundi tagasi
Bro whenever Trisha is in the news I always have to skip that part
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 15 tundi tagasi
Jake Paul
Connzoo 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 500 that Jake Paul will KO Ben 3 round
Zoyaf 15 tundi tagasi
I gambled $6,900 AUD on Ben Askren
JasoNoy 15 tundi tagasi
im broke asf but Im betting Ben is gonna win
Google User
Google User 15 tundi tagasi
trisha needs a reality check lol
xChazzerZ 15 tundi tagasi
That moment when you realize Keem star has more journalistic integrity and participates in more journalism that most of today’s mainstream media.
Manav Kulshrestha
Manav Kulshrestha 15 tundi tagasi
$1000 on jake paul
Paul Torres
Paul Torres 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 500 dollars on jake paul hope I win
conway 15 tundi tagasi
FREE MONEY PARLAY: Robert Whittaker (ML) @1.36, Alexander Romanov (ML) @1.72, Drakkar Klose (ML) @2.00, Ben Askren (ML) @2.20
kelvyn_ 210
kelvyn_ 210 15 tundi tagasi
I mean Trisha ain’t lying tho 😂
I’m Sus
I’m Sus 15 tundi tagasi
Trisha is going insane I tell ya mate
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer 15 tundi tagasi
I bet $100 for ben askren
Blingblingtinz •
Blingblingtinz • 15 tundi tagasi
Clearly you don’t know what slander means
SegaSalem 15 tundi tagasi
10k on Ben
Jorgereyeslolシ 15 tundi tagasi
am the 5,998 Comments
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 15 tundi tagasi
Is keem promoting gambling
John Cluett
John Cluett 15 tundi tagasi
robku 15 tundi tagasi
betted 50 on jake
B Chaynz
B Chaynz 15 tundi tagasi
Keemstar encouraging a bunch of grade schoolers to gamble is hilarious. Buddys an embarrassment!
Nick C
Nick C 15 tundi tagasi
Bro why do people keep going off on this girl. Like dude she is super successful and young. You're not, like get over it. Stop being jealous of everyone that is successful, leave them alone.
bryan martinez
bryan martinez 15 tundi tagasi
4k on jake paul although i want him to lose 😂
Ram Vyas
Ram Vyas 15 tundi tagasi
I bet $25,000 on ben askren third round knockout
Lord squirrel
Lord squirrel 15 tundi tagasi
Bruh jake is gonna clap ben
Chief Ozzy - Clash of Clans
Chief Ozzy - Clash of Clans 15 tundi tagasi
I bet you $100,000 dollars that Ben Askren is going to WIN :)
Yousuf 15 tundi tagasi
Thanks Joe Keemstar didn’t know you were an expert
Kamaro 15 tundi tagasi
I bet $70 on Ben Askren
Brandon Kruse
Brandon Kruse 15 tundi tagasi
keem over here promoting a gambling website to his child audience lmao 💀
Mazoku -
Mazoku - 15 tundi tagasi
Jarvis is gonna aimbot his opponent in this fight
Everything EZ
Everything EZ 15 tundi tagasi
I bet $18,000 on Jake Paul with YOUR code!
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown 15 tundi tagasi
ben askren round 4 tko
Ya_Nibba_nanon No
Ya_Nibba_nanon No 15 tundi tagasi
You know I’m just betting 50$ on Logan
VorbFN 15 tundi tagasi
5k ok my boy big Ben
conway 15 tundi tagasi
lol betway is better
RookzFN 15 tundi tagasi
1000 on Jake but I don’t have that type of money
Everything EZ
Everything EZ 15 tundi tagasi
Jake Paul will sleep askren
Dalina edwards
Dalina edwards 15 tundi tagasi
$500 jake paul with your code
Voke X3
Voke X3 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 100 on Ben i swear don't let me down
Amanda Howard
Amanda Howard 15 tundi tagasi
@Observe please react to Jakes body language!
ImMushroom 15 tundi tagasi
i just bet 500 on ben askren. ill see yall when im 500 dollars more rich
Zero One
Zero One 15 tundi tagasi
Im betting my whole savings which is 2250 dollars on Jake Paul.
onJITenem itsanthony
onJITenem itsanthony 15 tundi tagasi
im betting $1500 on Ben Askeren 🥱 ez money
David Plays Fortnite
David Plays Fortnite 15 tundi tagasi
I ain’t betting thousands but I think jakes gonna win
skelz 15 tundi tagasi
800 bucks on Jake, He's winning idk what others say 🥊
RoshiZ3 15 tundi tagasi
350 on ben
Yash Jain
Yash Jain 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 1000$ on jake paul
ManChildLlamaBoy 15 tundi tagasi
Rolls Royce flipping , it flips the road!
Brothercore 15 tundi tagasi
$150 on jake Paul winning let’s go
Sami Lalmi
Sami Lalmi 15 tundi tagasi
500 on Ben with your code
conway 15 tundi tagasi
trisha not wrong
Not Robbie
Not Robbie 15 tundi tagasi
I put 500 on Ben
Doofy DT
Doofy DT 15 tundi tagasi
I bet 5k on Jake Paul he’s gonna win
Yakko Wakko
Yakko Wakko 15 tundi tagasi
Say bye bye to your 5 grand
NEVILLE Rusteau 15 tundi tagasi
I put $850 on ben askren with keem code it turned into $1275, don't let me down Ben!!!!
itsVila 15 tundi tagasi
I beT 350 dollars on Jake Paul win